GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody certification evaluates the process of tracing a certified product through the entire supply chain, confirming the origin of the product from the farm and through the stages of marketing, grading, packaging, and storage until it reaches the end consumer.

The GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard identifies product status throughout the process, setting strict requirements for the handling of certified products and proper segregation of certified and non-certified products in processing plants.

CoC certification is essential for all producers and retailers operating with GLOBALG.A.P. certified products. Companies that receive products from a GLOBALG.A.P. certified source and wish to sell them as such need CoC certification, which guarantees that any product bearing the GLOBALG.A.P. seal, or sold as GLOBALG.A.P. certified product, originates from GLOBALG.A.P. certified farms.

The CoC Standard guarantees a continuous chain in which certified products are identifiable, segregated and traceable, offering a high level of integrity and transparency for greater security to your customers and adding value to your product and brand in the market.

What are the GLOBALG.A.P. for Chain of Custody?

The principles of the GlobalG.A.P. CoC program are as follows:

  • Management Structure: The organization seeking certification must demonstrate organizational capacity, procedures and systems capable of ensuring the management of the certification. The management system must meet the requirements of the CoC, including documented procedures, processes, systems and staff training appropriate to the size, type and complexity of the activities.
  • Verification of Inputs and Outputs: All certified products entering (purchases) and leaving (sales) the operation must be internally verified to ensure their correct identification and integrity.
  • Traceability System: A described and verifiable system, based on records, capable of correlating the products sold with the raw material that entered the company.
  • Identification and Labeling: As an essential part of the standard, the organization seeking certification must follow the principles of GlobalG.A.P. product identification on boxes and labels, as well as on sales documents.

What is assessed during the GLOBALG.A.P. for Chain of Custody?

During certification, the following are evaluated:

  • The measures taken by your company and any subcontractors to segregate, identify and avoid mixing of certified and non-certified products.
  • The management system for each activity in scope (trading, distribution, processing), the content and implementation of written procedures, and records showing purchase, receipt, sale and handling of certified goods.
  • Traceability testing, linking input and output through delivery numbers and internal traceability records, purchase, handling and delivery, reconciliation of input-output based on a period and/or lot.

Control points and compliance criteria are also evaluated, consisting of three categories: Major Obligations, Minor Obligations, and Recommendations.

  • Major Obligations: Key points of the standard, which must be 100% complied with, including topics related to the four principles of CoC certification as explained above.
  • Lesser Duties: The current Chain of Custody control points and compliance criteria have only five "Lesser Duties", which are related to fish operations. In this category there is tolerance for one of the criteria not being met, as long as the others in the Major Obligations are in compliance.
  • Recommendations: These are optional requirements, which are not mandatory.

Why GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody Certification?

  • To convey to your sales the added value of GLOBALG.A.P. certification of products purchased from third parties.
  • To guarantee transparency and organization for your retail customers and other links in the production chain.
  • Having your operation assessed through one of the main global good agricultural practices certification systems.
  • Enable the labeling of certified products with information from the GlobalG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification.
  • Gain access to new local and global customers, markets, suppliers and distributors.
  • Reduce reputational risks associated with food and product safety.

Why choose QIMA/WQS for GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification?

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