Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program

QIMA/WQS offers Rainforest Alliance certification for organizations that wish to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

The Rainforest Alliance 2020 program aims to create a more sustainable world by using social and market influences to protect nature and improve the lives of rural producers and communities.

The Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program

The Rainforest Alliance proposes to create, define and implement a long-term vision and approach to certification as part of a broad sustainability strategy. Sustainable practices addressed in the Rainforest Alliance 2020 standard include:

  • Social and environmental management and responsibility
  • Conservation of ecosystems
  • Biodiversity
  • Protection of wild animals
  • Combating deforestation
  • Conservation of water resources
  • Soil conservation
  • Waste management
  • Good working conditions
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Gender equality
  • Integrated management of crops

Achieving Rainforest Alliance 2020 certification for your products is an important step in establishing a responsible supply chain and demonstrating your brand's commitment to sustainability.

As a Rainforest Alliance approved certification body, QIMA/WQS can evaluate every link in coffee, cocoa, fruit and vegetable supply chains against Rainforest Alliance standards. With certification, your organization will be able to market products as Rainforest Alliance 2020 compliant.

What is the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program?

 Until now, the UTZ Protocol certified producers and other members of the supply chain on the UTZ Code of Conduct to improve cultivation methods, working conditions and environmental care. In 2018, UTZ joined the Rainforest Alliance to build a new, comprehensive and unified sustainability program.

Although more complete, the Rainforest Alliance protocol offers a simpler way to obtain sustainability certification. The program fosters innovation in supply chains and producers no longer have the extra cost of having to work with two different standards and certification systems.

The Rainforest Alliance has used UTZ's strengths, robust certification standards, and a single audit process as the basis for its forward-looking, long-term approach. The Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program is based on "reimagining certification." A long-term vision for the future of certification is part of the broader strategy of driving sustainability at scale.

Why do you need the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program?

  • Clearly show your brand or organization's commitment to sustainability.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility, combat non-discrimination, and promote human rights, gender equality, and respect for diversity.
  • Conserve biodiversity and natural resources.
  • Improve supply chain management based on the principles of certification: continuous improvement, data analysis, risk analysis and performance measurement.
  • Protect your brand's reputation, mitigate risks and promote safe food products.

Why QIMA/WQS for the Rainforest Alliance 2020 Program?

  • Our team with over 30 years of food industry supply chain experience is ready to deliver end-to-end quality solutions for your business.
  • We specialize in food industry, agricultural production and livestock. We have a structure designed to facilitate and streamline complex certification processes, giving all necessary support at all stages of the project.
  • QIMA / WQS has food auditors with local experience, approved for various schemes in all areas of food safety, quality and sustainability.
  • More than 9,000 satisfied customers in all stages of the food chain are proof of the quality, dedication, and success offered by QIMA/WQS. 

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