By Implementing the Quality Management System, QIMA/WQS Intends: 

By Implementing the Quality Management System, QIMA/WQS intends:

  • To meet the regulatory requirements applicable for accreditation and certification:
  • To maintain non-discriminatory procedures and impartiality onits activities and decisions;
  • To ensure the confidentiality of all stakeholders;
  • To continuously improve its processes and operations.

QIMA/WQS is also committed to continuously improve its work processes

Quality objectives of QIMA/WQS are: 

  • To obtain and maintain accreditation;
  • To meet all deadlines agreedwith the applicants;
  • To address all complaints received;
  • To evaluate QIMA/WQS decisions with stakeholders annually.

    Charlotte, October 13th, 2022.

QIMA/WQS Impartiality Policy

  • QIMA/WQS does not run activities or maintain activities with organizations that might compromise its impartiality. 
  • QIMA/WQS maintains a structure that provides confidence in its activities, ensuring the impartiality as demonstrated in the organizational chart. To ensure that the certification process is completely impartial and does not have commercial, financial or other pressures, QIMA/WQS has identified potential risks and established a Quality Procedure to manage it. 

WQS Training Policy 

  • QIMA/WQS offers courses and training in various certification standards and food safety and environmental sustainability concepts. The knowledge covered helps you to be prepared for a certification audit. 
  • Training is aimed at all areas of the supply chain, including producers, food manufacturers and retailers. 
  • Our courses are developed and taught by highly qualified industry professionals from their respective areas of the food chain. 
  • Courses and trainings provided by QIMA/WQS will not be considered a factor in certification processes. QIMA/WQS seeks above all transparency and impartiality.