4C Certification for Coffee

Demonstrate your compliance with the 4C Code of Conduct to certify your coffee supply chain as sustainable.

About 4C Certification for Coffee

The 4C Services GmbH has joined the efforts of coffee farmers, trade, industry and civil society in order to improve the lives of people in the entire coffee sector. Operating within three dimensions of sustainability, 4C members work jointly towards improving economic, social and environmental conditions through more sustainable and transparent practices. 

As an approved 4C auditor, QIMA/WQS can process your application for 4C certification, inspect different elements of your coffee supply chain to verify compliance with the 4C Code of Conduct, and, upon successful evaluation, request the issue of a relevant certificate. 

What Does 4C Certification for Coffee Mean? 

The 4C Services GmbH defines its mission as providing the highest degree of quality, independence, credibility and innovation for services to the coffee sector. The 4C Code of Conduct applies numerous criteria in three dimensions of sustainability: 

  • Economic dimension 
  • Social dimension 
  • Environmental dimension 

The code features 27 principles based on good agricultural and management practices, international conventions and guidelines accepted in the coffee sector, as well as 10 unacceptable practices that a business must exclude before applying for 4C certification. 

Why Apply for 4C Certification?

  • Benefit from membership in an inclusive association working with over 500,000 farmers in 28 countries 
  • Improve transparency and traceability in your coffee supply chain 
  • Support and implement sustainable solutions in the coffee sector 
  • Be recognized as a responsible business and industry actor 

Why QIMA/WQS for 4C Certification? 

  • A company with over 30 years of experience in the food industry supply chain, ready to deliver end-to-end solutions to your business.   
  • Specialized in the food industry, with a structure designed to facilitate and expedite the complex certification process and support you every step of the way.  
  • QIMA/WQS counts with local experienced food auditors approved for multiple schemes specializing in all specializing in all food safety quality areas
  • More than 9,000 satisfied clients at every stage of the food supply chain.